Our Story

Our story is wrapped in history and the memories of others; it is fueled by an idea that seems to burn brighter with every passing moment and inspired, even still, by the way things have always been.

Part one Where Our Story Begins…

When you set out on a cool Sunday evening to take a drive around rural Mississippi, your chances of passing quietly through one little forgotten town or another are about as high as the likelihood that you'll find it necessary to politely wave to half of those you pass along the way. You may stop in at the little, country store sure to be locate

Part two A glimmer of hope for Soso, MS

It's easy, it seems, to focus on the big and bright, the bustling and booming. But sometimes, sitting just outside of the spotlight, is a quiet story, deeply inspiring in its simplicity. Our story isn't one of flashing brilliance, but, rather, of quiet joy; and it begins in the tiny town of Soso, Mississippi, over 100 years ago. Let's start

Part three Footsteps through Soso proper

It wasn't long ago that every shop in Soso was in use and bursting with activity. Sitting at the crossroads of 3 major highways leading to Ellisville and Laurel at the south end, Taylorsville and Bay Springs at the north end, with the railroad track in between, Soso was perfectly situated to provide all of the living and farming necessities to the

Part four William G. Rasberry: Proprietor and Patriarch

Today, when we find ourselves low on grocery staples or dry goods, we simply hop in our vehicle and run to the nearest dollar store or grocery. We pull out our debit cards, grab our plastic bags and are on our way without a second thought. We might run into an acquaintance or two along the way, but usually, we do our best to get in and out and o

Part five Introducing Mama: Virgie Knight and Betty Jo

As I begin to put down this part of our story, I imagine Bill standing thoughtfully and quietly behind the counter at his little general store back in the 1920's, staring out of his freshly cleaned window, past the activity on the street, to a place only seen by those newly aware of something missing from their lives. Sure, there was the price o

Part six Betty & Joe: In her own words

This story is an excerpt from a collection of family history and stories compiled by Betty Jo Rasberry Nester for her children and grandchildren before her passing in May of 2010. After growing up in Soso, she attended Mississippi College and graduated with a degree in English in May of

Part seven What would life have been without Grammie?

Sometimes, the people that have the most profound impact on our lives enter into them in the most unexpected ways. So was the case with Moddie Jane Harper. When Moddie became a part of the Rasberry clan it was as if a space opened up for her, as if she was always meant to be right there among them all. And, in a way, she always had been. She

Part eight A new chapter for Rasberry Greene

When you grow up in a place like Soso - running barefoot between the old country houses as neighbors wave from a nearby porch, watching as progress and decline fight for the upper hand, knowing that this place will always be the same because of the people who make it home - sometimes it seems the rest of the world just can't ever measure up. Whe

Part nine What is Rasberry Greene?

Every story has a beginning. Some build slowly over time, steeped in history and a collection of stories from a time long past. Some burst brightly out of darkness and seem to shift the world beneath our feet. Others pass us by, unrecognized, until their beauty reveals itself and we look back and see a beauty greater still in the way every

Part ten Our story continues…

Just three short years ago we took a quiet walk through our little town of Soso, Mississippi - imagining what life might have been like for our namesake and his sweet family back when the town was growing, prospering and looking forward to a bright future ahead. And it was there, in the spotlight shone on a little town, and the memories

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