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Your Story in the Details Vol. 18

Jovial Art Wedding Jewelry

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.”

We’ve all heard our mamas say that old, wedding saying at one point or another.

It reminds a bride to carry something of each of those categories with her on her wedding day for good luck. This Old English tradition has turned into a whimsical and fun way for brides to carry tokens of their loved ones with them as they walk down the aisle. Whether it’s a blue patch from her dad’s old work shirt sewn into the underside of her wedding dress or a handmade jewelry creation that holds pieces of her grandmothers treasured broach that wraps around her bouquet, this tradition has allowed brides another way to incorporate things of meaning into their special day.

It’s a way to breathe a family memory into the new life they will nourish and grow with their husband.

This marriage of family stories and creativity is something that inspires Kelly Quick of Jovial Art to push her creative limits. Just like the family stories and heirlooms, no two pieces of her jewelry are the same.

Mississippi Jewelry Design

How did you get your start in jewelry making?

I graduated from Mississippi State University in December of 2011, and being that I didn’t have a job, I had little to no money for Christmas presents. I’ve always had a love for jewelry and accessories, especially necklaces, so I began experimenting with different types of necklaces, buttons, and beads. I look back at my first necklaces and am quite horrified at how they were made, but those are also the ones that are the most special!

Jovial Art, Mississippi Wedding Jewelry

What is the inspiration behind your jewelry and art?

My great Aunt Bea (yes, I had an Aunt Bea and she was the coolest ever) was a jewelry fanatic. She always had the best stories of how she acquired her jewelry, and if she couldn’t remember where she got it, she would describe its appearance in the most beautiful way, creating a story in itself. I like for each piece to have a story, even though many times it just needs some refreshing. Looking through my personal collection, you will find a mix of new and vintage statement pieces. Mixing modern ideas with vintage jewelry is my go to, and it has not failed me yet! 🙂

Jovial Art, Mississippi Wedding Jewelry

What are some of the most unique ways you’ve seen your jewelry used?

I have really only ever seen my jewelry worn in the traditional way. Each piece is so original that it makes such a statement all by itself! I have seen my necklaces worn with beautiful, complimentary outfits that add even more elegance and charm.

Jovial Art, Mississippi Wedding Jewelry

What is your favorite part of creating custom jewelry?

One of my favorite parts about creating custom jewelry is the fellowship with customers, combined with carrying out their artistic visions. As someone who loves a social setting and custom pieces of any style (fashion, home decor, jewelry) I appreciate a piece being one of a kind. I feel so honored when they trust me to create a piece for them, whether it be through expanding their ideas or giving me free creative roam. I love seeing their reaction to a finished piece. Some have even cried and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Jovial Art, Mississippi Wedding Jewelry

What’s secretly your favorite medium that you create with?

It is no secret that I hand stitch many of my necklaces, however I love watercolor. Anytime I paint, watercolor is my medium of choice. I love the movement and unexpectedness that comes with watercolor, and the end result is never disappointing.

Jovial Art, Mississippi Wedding Jewelry

How do you think your jewelry can be used to tell a unique wedding story?

One of my favorite things about making jewelry for a bride is that she usually wants to use a piece that belonged to her mom, grandmother, or something that is special to her. Adding my flair to a piece that is already one of a kind, creates a story that is even more unique and beautiful. Even if they choose not to use a family heirloom, each piece that I design for a bride is unlike any I have made before. Inspiration is based solely on her personality and style, and I take pride in designing a piece that makes her feel lovely on her wedding day. She will forever have that piece and maybe one day pass it down to her children and grandchildren.

Jovial Art, Mississippi Wedding Jewelry

If you could write your future bride-self a note to read on your wedding day, what would it say?

Bride Kelly,

Hopefully you are sitting in a room with your favorite ladies sipping on some bubbly as you wait to walk down the aisle to marry the man you have prayed so hard for.

Hopefully you are wearing the biggest smile on your face, an elegant, but saucy backless wedding gown and a hairpiece composed of white and cream peonies and roses.

Hopefully you have picked out shoes that are not only comfortable, but also double as dancing shoes.

I pray that today is a calm, beautiful day full of God’s love, family and friends’ love, and the love for the man you will soon call your husband. May this day always be one you and your husband come back to in remembrance of all of the love, fun, happiness, joy, and most importantly, the day you made promises to cherish each other and live a life committed to one another in God’s love.

Now, go dance, eat, drink and get married! 🙂

If there was one piece of advice you could tell a bride or a groom, what would it be?

Goodness, I would have to tell a bride and her groom to dance a lot at their reception. Soak up all of the love you feel during such a special time, and have FUN. This day only comes once in a lifetime and it should be cherished. Take all of that love and bottle it up and spend the rest of your life together putting that love to work in your marriage.

What are some of your favorite wedding vendors in Mississippi?

Goodness, it’s difficult to pick, but there are four that stand out to me, and it doesn’t hurt that I personally know each of the owners and think they are fantastic.

Lovegood Weddings: This has been such a fun vendor to watch grow. Lauren takes her love of antique goodies and creates beautiful, dream weddings for her customers. I think it’s amazing how she has turned that love into a career, and I live vicariously through her as she searches for the perfect vintage pieces to add to her collection.

Molly Gee Hair + Makeup: I have known Molly Gee since high school and always loved her sense of fashion and her adorable hair styles. I even persuaded her into making not one, not two, but three cocktail dresses for me to wear to different events. When she began creating hairpieces, I made sure to collect a few of them as well. When I saw that she added cosmetology and makeup to her list of many talents it made so much sense! Her work has always been gorgeous and I know that it will continue in that same fashion. I look forward to seeing what she will come up with next.

Blake McCollum Photography: Boy, oh boy are his photographs to die for! His blog post “Down at the Water’s Edge” made me absolutely weak in the knees, and I have been watching him closely since. He has such a special eye for brides and captures photos of them in a way that every bride wants to be portrayed. I am amazed at every wedding he photographs and his talent to capture the essence of such a special moment.

Twig Florals: Even though Bronwen Wiggins, owner of Twig Florals, is not based in Mississippi, she grew up here and up until a few years ago, still lived in Mississippi. I was lucky enough to meet Bronwen in high school and then pledge the same sorority in college. I had no idea of her hidden floral talent! When she began her business I was not only amazed at her work, but also quite proud. Her mix of neutrals and deep,vibrant hues create a magical floral design and certainly know how to make a girl feel lovely.

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