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Your Story in the Details Vol. 17

Elements Catering & Floral Design

Offering guests food to eat and beverages to drink is something that every good Southern host knows to do. That simple gesture of hospitality is a way that we fully welcome people into our homes and our hearts. And it’s exactly how our mamas taught us to treat every person that walks into our lives.

Whether you’re welcoming a few people into your home with a batch of home-made biscuits and a tall glass of iced sweet tea or you’re inviting hundreds of people to celebrate your marriage and the next chapter of your life, Mississippians know that the food and catering that you offer your guests is just as much a representation of you as the decorations you choose.

Kelly and Matthew Pittman of Elements Catering & Floral Design out of Columbia, MS are in the business of showing who you and your fiancé are through their food, drink, and floral creations. They understand that this day is all about showcasing your story as a couple.

Elements Catering & Design, Mississippi Florist & Catering

How did you get your start in catering and floral design?

After working jobs that we really liked we got to a point where we both wanted to do something we both loved. The mediocre was not good enough.  We got married eight wonderful years ago, but looking back we both would have done things differently. Knowing what that feeling felt like we told one another that we didn’t want any more brides to feel that way. Together we had a brilliant idea. We decided to start up a company that ensures the feeling of “I should have done things differently” to never grace the minds of future brides. The beginnings of a beautiful company started to be conceived.

Mississippi Florist Succulents in Bouquet

What is the inspiration behind your design?

We are inspired most by love. It’s not everyday you fall in love, so when you find someone and this feeling you can not quite explain consumes you, you know it’s someone to hold on to. The thing that allows us to do what we really want to do is that powerful four letter word. We appreciate the people that allow us to do what we love by simply being in love. We like to show the couple in love that their day can be all they hoped it to be and more.Mississippi Florist Bridemaid's Bouquest with Succulents

What are some of the most unique ways you have seen your services used?

To spotlight one day in-particular would be doing a great injustice to each bride. They each have a special something that is unique as to how they want to approach their day. We are fortunate enough to ensure that each special detail make the uniqueness of their day come to life.Tablescape Design in Columbia and Hattiesburg, Mississippi

What is your favorite part of creating a wedding design?

One of our favorite parts is getting to know the bride on a personal level. We feel as if we get to know the brides we can appropriately fulfill the dreams she has for her wedding day and then they can become a reality. We like to remind the brides that the wedding planning part is so much more that just a process. It’s the beginning of a life long journey of the couples life together. We consider it a real honor to be involved in the beginning of a journey that will last forever. Our company is called Elements, the reason being is to make reference to all the ingredients that we use to bring together to make our delicious food and beautiful floral arrangements. To know that we exceed the expectations of the Bride and Groom has to be another favorite part, for we know that out company helped make up one of the elements that formed their special day.Tablescape Hattiesburg Mississippi Weddings

How do you think your catering and floral design can be used to tell a unique wedding story?

We bring to life the things that appeal most to the bride and groom. As professionals we like to keep it classy and add a twist of what makes them who they are. Through the food they pick out and the individually designed arrangements its represents their personalities, their likes and dislikes. It’s our job to represent the elements that can be represented through food, floral, and decorations. We specialize in memorable details that will leave the guest and the happy couple in complete awe.

If you could have written your future bride or groom self a note to read on your wedding day, what would it have said?

The day you have of dreamed of has finally made its arrival. Don’t forget to breathe. If anything does not go as planned remember, at the end of this day you get to walk away with the love of your life by your side and God guiding your lives. So, regardless of the stumbling stones that may surface, remember you’ve got this one in the bag.Rustic, Vintage Floral Design in Hattiesburg, MS

If there was one piece of advice you could tell a bride or groom, what would it be?

Do not let this journey become too stressful.

The planning process is just the beginning of major choices to be made throughout your lives together. Allow this time to be joyful, filled with delightful memories, and love. Enjoy your time together as a fiancé because soon you both will become one. Learn the things that make you happy while making delightful memories. If at any point you find yourself discourages, remind one another why you fell in love in the first place. Make memories that you will be excited to share in the future filled with smiles.

And, if tears must be involved, make sure they are tears of Joy!

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